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Shaolin Zen Podcasting

I've got lots of ideas...  

The COMMENTS are off for now.  When I'm sure I'll take time to read them and respond I will activate the "Comments" for those episodes.  In general, I have a dozen YouTube Channels, two Instagram, and two Twitter accounts.  I also have seven blogs and 55 websites.  

If you NEED to communicate with me, use the Contact forms if I've enabled them--or send me an email.  

As a 66-year old senior, I'm redefining my options on how to improve the world and end all wars.  It starts by changing our "herd mentality" (as President Trump calls it) to "smarter voters."  I've proven in prisons, public schools and rehabilitation centers that healthier people doing Tai Chi Chuan and Shaolin Kung Fu make smarter choices and better decisions.  I've proven I can improve the world.

Sep 24, 2020

This is being republished in 2020.  It's also kind of a test upload as I organize and create a NEW PODCAST environment.